Caucapia e.V. is a small initiative from Berlin, founded in 2016. Being beekeepers ourselves, it was a private visit with direct exchange providing the inspiration to help local population in the Mashavera valley. After collecting and examining honey samples in two independent laboratories specialized on honey, we saw a strong opportunity to support. With a clear focus on organic methods, local bees and materials, we want to contribute reducing poverty.

Together with local partners, we aim to finance trainings and equipment with the help of sponsors. As a long-term goal, we apply want to establish clean and modern work facilities by setting up a modern beekeeping center. We hope to strengthen the tourist potentials of the region by this measure, too.

We see our initiative as part of an impact chain that aims to improve not only the quality of honey, but the living conditions of the rural population. Support, ideas and new members are always appreciated!


“Since 2012 I have been keeping bees in the heart of Berlin, Germany. It was a friend´s contact that brought me in the Mashavera Valley for the first time in the very same year. During my visit, I was impressed to see the amount of local beekeepers, but shocked by their poverty. During my second visit in 2015, I conducted interviews with several beekeepers to find out more about their needs. In addition, I was visiting a similar relief project by a bigger NGO. Inspired by that, I decided to start Caucapia with some friends.”

Andreas Preisner, Association Board