Since we are a donation based group, we want to realize our sustainable approach step by step over three phases. The first phase shall consist of setting up an E-Learning Platform in Georgian language. This platform will be available to all interested beekepers. 

As there is a general lack of modern teaching materials in Georgian, we want to provide a free plattform in order to assist switch beekeepers to organic methods. Though chemicals and antibiotics are officially forbidden, they are still widely applied. Although a trade agreement exists,  such polluted honey can not be exported to the EU. 

With our platform we want to help beekeepers to learn new techniques and teach them theoretical knowledge. In co-operation with our Georgian partner organization CENN we transfer Know-How by translating, programming and running the site. The content is provided by our partner platform, hosted by the official German beekeeper´s federation DIB.

Each participant has to take part in a test at the end. A certificate proves that the idea of ecological beekeeping was taught successfully. The long term target of our program is to enable the participants to produce ecologically certified honey ready for export. By this we create new economic opportunities for local farmers.