In addition to our commitment in education, we we aim to establish a local agricultural cooperative. The idea behind the cooperative is to share the special equipment needed for managing the hives as well as the processing of honey. Technological development remains a key factor of productivity and profitability. By certifying the Mashavera Honey according to European organic standards, the beekeepers will be able to export to the EU at higher prices. With a market share of 22%, the EU is the world’s largest honey consumer with an increased demand for organic honey in particular.

To fulfill this vision, we intend to build an apiary center open to all members of our cooperative, fully equipped with modern facilities for honey production and bottling. This center will not only provide a sanitary environment according to modern standards, but will also provide space for meetings and lectures. We will take care of purchase and import of suitable equipment.

So why not go a step further? Instead of building just a center dedicated to agricultural needs only, we want to set up an ecological Bed & Breakfast with accommodation for small traveling groups from 8-12 people. The idea behind this idea is based on two simple ideas: firstly, it would involve a tenant responsible for guarding and maintaining the equipment as well as operating the B&B. Secondly, we see a touristic need for such an accommodation as Georgia in general has a huge growth rate in the tourism sector. 

Located only 1.5 hours from the capital, the Mashavera valley with its natural beauty and its cultural sites draws domestic and foreign day tourists even today. But there´s stiil a  lack of overnight accommodation. With a rural B&B specialized in honey products, we not only create jobs for an operator and his family, but also a new attraction for the region.