Modern Beekeeping

in a treasury of mankind

in Europe´s second poorest country

Supporting beekeepers and improving skills and knowledge to improve living conditions – this ist he idea of our Berlin based initiative Caucapia e.V..

Georgia does not only offer breathtaking cultural and natural heritage, but a 5.500 year old tradition in beekeeping. It was here in Georgia where the world’s oldest honey was found.

But today, large parts of the population suffer from poverty and unemployment. While the unofficial unemployment rate is high, the average per capita income in rural areas is around $350 a month. Most people depend on their own agriculture, such as beekeeping for instance, which is widely spread all over the country.

Here´s how we can support – by sharing and providing knowledge.

As honey is a good of high value and tradition in the Caucasus, teaching modern, sustainable methods in beekeeping will lead to higher productivity and export quality. 

Our idea is to translate modern teaching materials and to provide an open access E-learning platform. Promoting organic beekeeping seems a good option since the demand for organic honey is increasing worldwide.

In a later phase we want to put the theoretic knowledge into practice by offering practical courses with qualified trainers. Finally, we want to establish a cooperative focused on organic beekeeping in south Georgia.

The overall aim is to contribute to the fight against poverty in compliance with the UN sustainable development goals.